Thanks for dropping by.

This is a complete change from what I have been doing for the past 15 years of my life. I studied science up to a point of earning a PhD. I have worked very hard in this field for a long time only to realise that I have been nurturing a talent for longer than I can remember. I called it my hobby.

I am a colour and design obsessed individual. I love using fabrics, wool, paint, colours.. and dreaming. This is a picture blog about all the things I love and some random stuff as well.

I have recently launched a new range of unique and stylish for little girls (2-6 years). The name of my company is MINOR EDITION. (www.minoredition.co.uk).

Wonder whether I should keep the ‘Dr’ in front of my name ..hmm

Let me share a few quotes that made me smile.:

*Behind every successful man is a surprised woman. – Maryon Pearson

*Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else.

*There’s no such thing as fun for the whole family. ~Jerry Seinfeld

*Early to rise, Early to bed, Makes a man healthy but socially dead.

*He who laughs last thinks slowest.


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