New beginning

A lot has happened in the last few months, new year, new beginnings. It had all been lovely however stressful.
Spring has sprung, well sort of. I had my sewing things in boxes for weeks! They are still in boxes and that depresses me. I am waiting for some free time and a diy expert who can sort a beautiful furnitureΒ  (from somewhere πŸ˜‚) where I can store and start sewing.


Meanwhile, we heard that a friend and her family are leaving the country in a few weeks. They were here for a few years and our friendship grew. It’s now time to say goodbye till we meet again.

It would have been easy to go shopping for a present but I was itching to make something.Β  I stumbled upon a ball of jute yarn and wondered if that could be useful.


A bit rough and hard but I soon got used to it.



Purse for my friend


Sling bag for her 12 year old daughter




Voila, presents ready. They are coming over for dinner this evening.
Off to sort out the food now.
Thanks for reading xx


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