My desk before and after

As you may know, I run a little business designing pretty dresses for little people. I work mainly from my kitchen. There is a room in my house which is MEANT to be my office. Instead, that room is used as my sewing room and also a playroom for my six year old. As a result, that room is beyond messy.

I always found myself working in my kitchen, just because itΒ is more convenient, more central and actually quite spacious. My work table was the dining table. The challenge with working at the dining table was that, I had to pack my notebooks and technology devices away in the office if I want to live clutter free. That of course didn’t always happen. So I needed a desk to work on but not display the notebooks and pencils scattered around. I started looking for a bureau where I could hide everything away and it would still look like a dining area, in my kitchen. After a little search, I found the perfect one on our local youth community charity that sells second-hand furnitures, for a few quid.

desk 1



desk 2


2. SOME PRETTY KNOBS (from Anthropologie) LATER …Β desk 3


.. this was a few months ago.

Today, here I amΒ 

desk 6


desk 4 favourite view

desk 7

Not a very neat inside the drawers below

desk 8


..surrounded by kid art


desk 9


with my drink ..



desk 5


Here I am, still in my kitchen but in my zone.


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