Twitter love

I like Twitter.

It is good for small businesses.

Personally, even though my account @minor_edition is in the name of my business, my tweets are mostly personal.

The general advice that floats around says, be aggressive with the idea of marketing and selling your product. Consequently, I do ‘schedule’ my ‘pushing to sell’ tweets on and off. However, these tweets don’t appear daily.

On a personal level, I do moan about the weather (as you do), mention my family and inform people about what I am doing. My tweets are not ground breaking or extremely funny or informative, however, I am grateful, that people do connect with me and interact with me.

I have made friends, even met a few of them, done quite a lot of business, met lovely bloggers, shared joys and sorrows, virtually. This is a lovely community.  It has been a lovely journey so far and would continue to do so.

I am fond of social media mainly because of twitter.

Some do’s and don’ts, that I can think of:

– Be nice. If you can’t, silence might work.

– Interact, respond, re-tweet, be helpful.

– Nice to  interact with like minded people, with similar interests, whose blogs or links you may like.

– Follow someone with the idea of reading their tweets, not necessarily expecting a follow back. If they think they like your interests, they will follow back anyway.

– Numbers don’t matter, and if somebody ‘unfollow’ you, don’t take it personally. For example, my husband and I, don’t follow each other on twitter. One reason is that, he tweets once a month and is a private account. I am just the opposite. So, neither of us mind.

– Use hashtags as and when appropriate.

– Beware, it is an addiction. Might be worth to remember not to stay online for too long at a stretch.

Hope to connect with you on twitter.


Here is an interesting snippet, from 2010. Completely irrelevant now, I know, but gives and idea of the prolific rise of twitter.


Source: Internet, date 2010


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