my parents arrive today

My parents live 5000 miles away. So we meet on average once in 30 months or 1.5 years. I am the only child of my parents and now that I am a mum of a little girl, I know I am very precious to them.

The good news is that they are on board a jet plane on a 2 hour flight + 2 hour wait + 11 hour flight. It is extremely long haul and pretty daunting for an ageing couple ..  they arrive this evening.

I was supposed to have cleaned the house spic and span before they arrive to show what a lovely domestic goddess their daughter is.

To be honest – I don’t think they’ll care. They’ll be just happy to have survived the tiring flight and meet their grand-daughter, son-in-law whom they absolutely adore and vice versa and of course their daughter.

So if you see me grinning in the next few weeks, you know why.

If you have parents living a few hours away from you, don’t forget to go and meet them. You have no idea how lucky you are.


8 thoughts on “my parents arrive today

  1. oh Ipshita ! How wonderful . A simple, but amazing post. I can’t imagine how excited you must be. My parents live approx 4 hours away and we only get to see them a couple of times a year so I know how it feels to not have them close.
    Enjoy the time with them. xxx

  2. Just lovely. Having lost my Dad, I know how special moments like these are. Enjoy yourselves – will be thinking of you.

    • Thank you Helen. So sorry to know about your dad. Yes life is very fragile and we must make the best use of the present. I will make sure they are comfortable here, and specially enjoy the great british weather hehehehe

  3. P.S. I clicked on your “Me” gravatar, & noticed it needs a little correction. This is what appears: “stylish dresses for little girls aged 206 years.”

    (I know we’re all living longer these days, but! 🙂


  4. Enjoy being with your parents and the summer holidays. I don’t see my parents enough. Probably 5 times a years. They miss the kids and seeing them grow up but time keeps us apart. Tonight we are having a barbeque because they are in London and my chidlren will stay up late as a treat. They can’t wait.

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