Where is all my time going ?

Source: internet

Source: internet

I came across the term Time Audit very recently.

Suddenly it was a whole new set of information about

something we know already and pretty straight forward in theory.

Managing time and differentiating between the way time is actually spent

and the way I THINK I spend my time is important.

Analysing the time helps in understanding in optimising the time.

Minor Edition (Gorgeous Dresses For Little Girls)

The businesswoman, the wife and the mum

So I ask myself, what do I do in a day?

I play different roles

A (struggling) business woman,

a (tired) mum,

a (happy and sometimes frustrated) wife and of course

the friend and the neighbour and everything in between.

I try to write two blogs, am a bit of a twitter addict and have a facebook page.

Oh, did I mention the cooking and cleaning (whispers)..?

Now, I am almost failing to do any of that, I have listed above.

My house is in utter need of organisation and any visitor is convinced that I am no domestic goddess.

The local friends and mums of preschool friends don’t see me join the gossip as I am rushing away, I don’t get the time to host a play date (I have to ALSO clean the pig-sty before that!).

Mini is starting school this September so …aargh!

I haven’t replied to at least two million emails and tens of text messages.

Oh and the weekends are so busy that there is no time to relax.

Sounds familiar ?


Source: internet

Well, the business is run smoothly (I think) and my social media is okay too. I guess they are my priority and so I am on top of these.

The answer it seems  is TIME AUDIT.  Make a chart and log your time at home as many of you do at your workplace.

I am told that, by doing this, I will even get some time to squeeze a siesta.

.. err let’s make a start:
must really sell off the TV, switch off the phone
and bin the laptop ..
..what about the car?
where can that go?

Opens a whole new world..

NO! well I don't have the time you see? .......

I know you are rushing like me,
and have no time to leave a comment.
May the time Gods be with us all. please please

8 thoughts on “Where is all my time going ?

  1. Where does all the time go? Time management is crucial if you’re running a business, but also juggling all the demands that life throws at us. I guess the trick is to get a balance, so that you’re doing the important things, the things that make money, the things that you enjoy, the things you need to do, and some of the things you WANT to do (all work and no play…).

    NB please note I’m no expert on this, I’m currently replying to a blog when I’ve got stacks of work to do!

  2. hahaha thanks for your comment – don’t worry now that you have managed to write a comment, the stacks of work will be done too
    You are right, we can’t be machines all the time. Balance is key.

  3. For me, time is an illusion created by mind (ego) but still we have to use/spend/plan/organise time? 1. Using wisely like we spend money (knowing it is not unlimited) 2. Life balance 3. Doing what we enjoy or what is important to us (not what society or someone else want us to do) 4. Being present in the moment and giving 100% to whatever we are doing. 5. Not living in past and future.

  4. I think the term Time Audit is a useful one if we use it in the same way as we would a financial audit, or business audit. It’s almost one of those sub-headings you need to complete before getting the whole picture of your business/life.
    I’m going to use it – I like it as a term & concept, and really helps you understand that time is important to do all the things on our lists!

  5. I don’t do a time audit but probably should to see how balanced my life is. I think I spend more on family time, followed by business and then me time. The me time is tiny and I wish I had more of that. Don’t we all.

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