Setting up a market stall in a small budget – Part 2

I was setting up a market stall for the first time on the tiniest budget ever. As I had mentioned in Part 1 – it is useful to prepare at home.

These are the few things that I did that made the stall look nice. Hope it helps someone get some ideas to set up a stall on a budget.

1. A free-standing banner

There are a few Ebay shops who will do nice banners within Β£50.00. They are quite picky about the resolution of the pictures and the size of the art work. Since I do not have any of the photo softwares, I created a collage using Picasa in my laptop and it worked perfectly. The artwork was accepted and banner was delivered within 3-4 days.

2. I sell dresses that I can just hang somehow, and funny enough, there was quite a large table on offer. I had to think of creative ways to fill the table and look decent. I bought paper mache letters from Hobby Craft and painted them magnolia using a left over wall paint that was lying around. Yes they are not that cheap but I considered as a long-term investment, as I can use these letters again and again. Here are a few photos of the letters that I had taken using my phone.

Once the letters were ready, my challenge was to create a free-standing display that will stay in place for two days. I collected a few cardboard boxes of the same size from a local bicycle shop. They store all the packaging for recycling at the back of the store and asked me to go and pick up whatever I wanted. So I gratefully collected 6 identical boxes. I covered the boxes with brown paper and blue tissue paper in the front to highlight the magnolia letters.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was conscious of the fact that they are not the colours of my logo and the entire look might end up looking very amateurish. Yes you might say that the look should have been more professional. To be very honest, spending another penny was not an option for me for this particular market stall. It was also a challenge for me to see if my products speak for themselves. Would the customer judge the table purely by its looks or would the product attract them.

Thankfully, the products (and the price) did attract people to the stall. It was a fantastic experience to interact with the lovely customers and showcase my gorgeous dresses.

The dresses are available in my website and you can catch me on twitter @minor_edition

thanks for passing by..


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