5 mistakes we should try to avoid while running a small business

Starting a business is easy – earning money is tough. We will all hopefully get there.

In my humble opinion here are the five mistakes that we should avoid, that come to my mind right now:

  1. Cut throat:- We must all be competitive but not cut throat. This world is so big that there is space for everyone. There is no need to put someone down in order to gain something. That gain might be very temporary.
  2. Rude behaviour – Be ambitious not at the cost of being rude or impolite. Customer service is the most important part of any kind of business. Listen to them.
  3. React aggressively on negative feedback – It is not necessary to get personal with anyone if someone disagrees with you or dislikes our product. We must respect both positive and negative feedback and learn from them.
  4. Be complacent – We might be happy with our laurels but this should not make us complacent and let our competitor grab an opportunity.
  5. Lose track of our money – There is a need for a constant check on our outgoing versus the earnings.

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3 thoughts on “5 mistakes we should try to avoid while running a small business

  1. Great points! It’s so easy as a self- employed person to let number 5 slip because there’s no boss breathing down your neck. It’s so important to keep a grip on your money, though.

    Thanks for joining in the blog carnival.

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