Meaning of success

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I keep asking myself this question – am I successful? Over the last two decades (ignoring my infancy and primary school days because life then was just happy for me), there has been too many times when I have pondered on this matter. I have probably compared myself and my achievements, endlessly with others and ended up basically quite unhappy.

As a small business owner, I wonder whether I should call myself successful yet! Some businesses have spent years to be successful and I am less than a year old. There is definitely room for improvement in the balance sheet of my company.

I realise, that success is all about how we define it (and we often confuse it with happiness). We will all be successful eventually by working hard – summed up nicely in the following.



Created by James Hurtz III – you can see his graphic design work at:

Another interesting perspective here: (the link directs you to youtube, not sure why it doesn’t allow me to embed it)



3 thoughts on “Meaning of success

  1. Hello!!

    Reading your post made me think you would like “

    I just started looking at it, and it’s very good & wise.

    I say you’re already a success! Good luck!


  2. Helen, I agree with you. Why is there such a rush to get there – wherever there is. We are not here forever and should enjoy the ride.

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