I heart Sweetheart Knits – love by grannies

As reflected by one of the knitters of Sweetheart Knits, as a kid I had always longed for a shop bought cardigan. I remember the thrill I had when for the first time, a navy blue cardigan was bought for me as part of my school uniform. That was the only shop bought knitwear I had. It is only now that I realise how lucky I am, as so much love and care was behind those individual hand knits.

My grandmother, mum and aunt were experts and even now, my mum knits all the sweaters for Mini Edition. Unfortunately, my mum lives thousands of miles away.

Closer to home, I have discovered a fabulous network of granny knitters who are part of Sweetheart Knits.  Run by the lovely Catherine, each knit displays that same love and care that I have experienced.

My personal favourites are the Bumble Bee Hat and Bootie set for newborns. I also love the Here we go Loopy Lou Bolero that will go very well with the  Sixties Style Polka dot Dress. The Strawberry knitted hat is simply to drool at. Would it match the Ravishing Red Dress as well as the ever popular Polka Dot Dress?

Dare I say, they are simply cute and need not really match any outfits. Hand knitted hats and sweaters made with love is just perfect on its own.

..thanks for passing by.


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