Twitter Tips for small business

I love twitter and have made quite a few genuine friends. As a small business owner, it has helped me spread the word about it and also get customers. I have been in touch with bloggers and reviewers who have written about my products in their sites.

So here is my few pennies worth:

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1.      Create a good profile and add your website link. If you don’t have a link, add your blog, or the facebook page or clearly specify that the site is coming soon.

2.      Add ‘Follow me on Twitter’ in your website, email signature and any other relevant sources.

3.      When you are starting out, connect first with all your friends and people you have met. You will find their details in their website or business cards. They are most likely to follow you back. Let them know that you have just started. Then ask these friends to suggest your name to their friends who have similar interest. That way you can build an initial friend list. On the other hand, if you start with strangers, they might think you are spamming.

4.      It is not about the number of followers you have and vice versa. It is about building relationships. Make sure you participate in conversations, contribute and help people. It is worth committing at least 30 mins everyday. There are useful platforms like tweetdeck and hootsuite to help you. It is not always sensible to bombard tweets about your business only and send out advertisements. Participating in day-to-day banter, talking about your daily life, personalising things without going too far might help.

5.      Share knowledge and information that you see online and add the links. If you help others, they will help you back.

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5 thoughts on “Twitter Tips for small business

  1. Great tips. I have just added my twitter address to my business cards and hope that it will really make a difference to old and new clients and people I do business with.

  2. Really useful tips-thank you. We’ve only recently launched our pregnancy and child development software and are novices with twitter. Putting aside 30mins a day sounds quite a challenge with a 10week old baby but I think investing in a decent modern phone will enable me to tweet away between those breastfeeds.

    • You are right Heidi, having a smartphone helps. I have acquired one only recently and use it mightily for twitter when not ‘working’ on laptop. I must say a 10 week baby and a business, is hard work, mine is nearly 4 so I guess I get more time. I do spend a total of more than 30 mins I think as it gets a bit addictive. But I do in little slots, not hours at a stretch (just so I don’t feel guilty 🙂 ).

      A modern phone will of course help you tweet during those quiet time when you are breastfeeding or similar.
      Congratulations on launching the software. Such is a brilliant idea. I will go and check your website now. Do let me know your twitter name and will add you on. Thanks so much for passing by. xx

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