The Good Life

I really wanted to write about the ‘Good Life’ for the BMB Blog Carnival. What a lovely theme! It comes as a breath of fresh air and positivity amidst all the doom and gloom all around.

Indeed, ‘Good Life’ for me is all about family. My immediate family includes my husband and I, with our daughter who is three and a half years old. Our lives are quite routine and mundane during the week (Minor Edition) and we look forward to real quality time during the weekends.

We enjoy the ‘Good Life’ during the weekends by meeting friends, cooking food together, cleaning the house, loading the washing machine, watching movies together, going for a walk, playing with Mini Edition, listening to music – you get the picture.

Blog Post – Apple Chutney









Doing arts and crafts together with Mini Edition

This is one of my favourite activities. Here are some of them in my old posts:

Blog Post: Toddler Craft

Being Green:

Even though we do not shout much about it, we do recycle almost everything that is recyclable. We dislike those extra packaging that the supermarkets offer and hence try shop locally.

I do up-cycle old clothes and leftover fabrics into bags or other useful objects.

See Blog Post

Gift wrapping with fabric

Empty Mini Roll Containers

Handmade Business Card Holder

Decorating around the house and DIY

I do the paintings, hubby does the fixing and Mini appreciates it.

See posts:

Canvas for my little girl

How to brighten a wall

So this is a glimpse of our Good Life.  Thanks for passing by.


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