My wish list ..

So January is nearly over! Things are looking better for me. Mini Edition is doing well, still at home as a precaution but so much better. I am enjoying some fun times with her; especially her conversations are quite hilarious. At other times, I feel stuck with a child, the whole day (we are trying to avoid those cold winds and low temperature days by staying in) AND her pointless tantrums. I would rather prefer to do my work instead.

On the positive side, I was able to be creative and created a few fabulous designs for MINOR EDITION during these mindless, leisure hours.

Since there is no point moaning about the situation,  here are the few things I intend to do in the near future. So, New Year Resolutions? Naaaaah – Don’t do them!



1. Be bold and brave – As a business owner, I have to be more outgoing, shameless and self promoting

2. Have a Visionboard – A real one and not one in my laptop

3. To try harder – Rather I should say, that I should not give up!

4. To go out of the comfort zone at least twice this year – I have already signed up for a 5K run at a certain moment of madness..

5. Lose weight – If I run then I should lose weight, isn’t it ? ..if only I stop consuming those chocolates.

6. Stop watching TV – This is more to teach Mini Edition that there is more to life than television. (okaaaay  – before you jump the guns and call me a lazy mum, she was not well for a while, hence the TV. But now she wants to eat her food in the living room. So time to take action, I think). I am not really addicted.

7. Spend less money – I wish !

8. Declutter – I have to declutter my home office and do the filing. It will declutter my mind as well.

9. Simplify life – Enjoy the time with family by doing things together.

10. Me Time – I need to really have some me time and pampering, for my well being. Also hubby would prefer if I take care of my health and I think, he is right.

So ladies (and gents!) – do write your wish list and let me know. Would love to be inspired. Thanks for passing by.


7 thoughts on “My wish list ..

  1. Ipshita
    I love your wish list. I think I could do with some me time. I have always got the little one stuck to my hip. I always have a vision- well when I’m in a good mood. Lol. I suppose have a vision helps you reach your goal. Stick to your wish list. x

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