I begin the new year with my ramblings

I have not blogged since ages. It is all probably due to my mental state of exhaustion or laziness. I don’t know why, because I am sure I could spare a few minutes to write a few words! I realised that our personal well being depends so much on our state of mind and the will to think positively.

Looking back, the month of December had not been particularly great for me and my mental state of being. I was not well for a brief period of time, I say brief because the whole month was in fact horrible for Mini Edition who is three and a half year old.

Mini Edition suffered a lot, she was brave and strong, enough to fight back it all. She is well and back to her life full of prince and princess and to a world where all is pink and purple.

As a parent, the whole month passed stressing out, doing what needs doing, offering cuddles, taking her to doctors, trying to feed her unsuccessfully, trying hard so she takes the medicines, constantly in bed next to her. I was at home 24/7. The bedroom was the one room where we ate food, watched ‘princess’ movies in the laptop, read books, listened to music and of course slept.

There was no housework, minimal cooking (read eating trash food), drinking too many cups of tea.

The only conversation I had with my hubby and my friends was about illness and Mini Edition.

Mini ended up in hospital for 10 days. Her Christmas was in the hospital with no tree or Santa Claus; she was pampered with new toys and gifts though.

…It was all very stressful and exhausting to say the least.

My work took a back seat. It didn’t help that I run a small business of my own. It means I do everything single-handedly and am responsible for it. It didn’t matter to me at the time and I didn’t complain about it.

Now in January, I am again in a similar situation. Mini Edition is at home trying to regain her strength and recover from her illness. I am at her service quite literally. We are not confined to the bedroom this time around but definitely confined to the house.

So I am back to cooking food for her, reading books to her, watching her favourite DVDs, playing hide and seek and doing minimum work. Not much change from December really and therefore exhausted both physically and mentally.

Enough of that I think, it is time to move on – positively. Hence I write this to put this episode out of my way. Cheers to the new year.


4 thoughts on “I begin the new year with my ramblings

    • Thanks Jen, yes she is getting better and hopefully be back as a strong and active little girl, in a couple of weeks. It is my project this month to add butter and cream to everything I cook for her. lol

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