How to ..err .. brighten a wall

Take 1 : The bare walls in the downstairs cloakroom


– It is not the most attractive rooms currently. An attempt is made with the tiniest piece of flora.

– There is a sprinkle of green in the form of a bath mat (yes there is a shower in the other end) and a soap dispenser

Take 2 : Got hold of three thin stretched canvas and went a bit random

and finally ..

Take 3: Completed the randomness and brightened the wall

Thanks for passing by..



6 thoughts on “How to ..err .. brighten a wall

  1. This is a great idea – we rent a start white flat and this is a great and economical way to brighten things up without needing to permanently alter the space. It also means i can take them with me to my next home!

    • Exactly!
      – you can get thin canvas panels in any craft shop (I bought them from Hobby Craft) and
      – adhesive strips that sticks easily on the walls. You can just peel them off when you move house without damaging the wall and also be able to carry them to your next abode.

      thanks for passing by Jenny.

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