As a small company who sells online, marketing the dresses is quite a challenge for Minor Edition. You cannot  believe how good it feels to get a review or a thank you from the customers and therefore we request all the customers to please drop a line for us.

The dress is so different and pretty! 
fantastic customer service too
I fell in love with the gorgeous dresses. Having two little 
girls I couldn't resist and soon picked out and ordered my two 
favourites. I received them quickly. We are totally delighted. 
It's lovely for them to have something so unique and original 
and I can't wait to show them off. The girls also received a 
little gift each from Minor Edition as they both have birthdays
coming up and I had signed them up for the birthday club.
Superior quality at a bargain price!

The Polka Dot Applique Summer dress is absolutely beautiful 
and far exceeded expectations.  It is beautifully made, with 
gorgeous colours.

The Gorgeous Green Dress with lavender sleeves and bows is 
even more beautiful than the last dress, cannot wait for my 
daughter’s 2nd birthday picture to be taken, she will look 

Wow, simply beautiful and you are amazing .. 

The fabric is comfortable and my angel looks very cute.  

The dress was lovely and the uniqueness shines through, I 
certainly haven't seen anything like this on the high street!

Thank you ever so much, the dress arrived yesterday, so much 
quicker than expected and is gorgeous.


Thank you all and look forward to more comments from all the other customers.


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