What do you do with empty mini roll containers ?

Recycle them – on Wednesday mornings? Oh yes, always recycle them if the containers can be recycled. Or.. if you like me, have too many small things lying around and they need to be organised in decent way – you can try this.(Also you have a toddler who needs constant entertaining …)

Thankfully I had some sticky back paper that I had bought a few months ago because it was on sale. (So now you know why I need so many storage containers).

1. Cut the sticky back paper according to the size of the container

2. Stick it and it is ready !

.. I am in the process to create a thrifty, handmade, using all things meant to be thrown away – work room. So these three containers were part of this wall hanging bit along an almost broken ex-wardrobe that keeps all my fabrics and crafty bits. You can see, it is turning out a bit floral.

I have to say, this is work in progress, because I would later add some contrastingΒ  fabrics to brighten it up. All for want of time.

Thanks for passing by.

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