Three lessons that I have learned as I started my business

I have started an online dress boutique for little girls this year. Is it because I had to do something with my spare time? Is it because I really want to earn money without compromising on my child? After a long haul of studies and jobs, is this a middle ground? Maybe yes to the onlooker but for me, it has been a passion that I always wanted to do but was never brave enough to start. To be very honest, I had always dreamt to own the quirky gift art shop where you get unique handmade up cycled products. It was always a distant dream since I had not taken any step to reach that goal.

The idea of the dress boutique came after my daughter was born and that is when my priorities changed and I thought – this is it! If I dare to do this, without thinking what others would say, this is really possible. Thanks to Mini Edition, she has been the inspiration (or excuse) to leave my old life and forge ahead in this. I have not yet seen money coming in left, right and centre but any entrepreneur would know that it takes a long time to establish. Money is not the inspiration but my passion definitely is.

I have learned three lessons as I started my business.

1.      Do what you want to do

I have realised over the years, that it is very important to do things that I want to do and not what others want me to do – both in personal and professional life. So in the case of a mistake I can learn a lesson from it and not blame someone else for it. In business, if I believe in a product and the initial market research says that yes indeed, the product is viable, it is always prudent to give it a try.

When I started a business the first thing I noticed was the number of so-called well wishers who ‘observed’ me with a very critical eye – not to support me in any way. It was as if to jump at the first chance to criticise me and say ‘I told you so’. This is a typical human behaviour and I don’t let this bring me down.

3.    Networking and make friends with entrepreneurs (I would prefer the word Mumpreneur)

A really good way to improve is to network with like-minded people who are mums, who started a business from home, with very little financial outlay. They are the best person who understands my situation, and be able to relate to me and help me with ideas. I had recently attended the Mumpreneur Awards 2010. It was amazing and very inspiring. Meeting all those fabulous women made me think; yes even I can do it. They have overcome massive hurdles and so can I.


2 thoughts on “Three lessons that I have learned as I started my business

  1. Great Post Sweetie, Our children are most often what spurs us to start up for ourselves. I was the same. Glad you enjoyed the mumpreneur conference. I went last year. It really inspires you .
    Big hugs
    Karen xx

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