Daddy and Teddy

I am very tempted to post a small little rhyme that I have devised with the help of my 3 year old mini edition.

My mini edition has 2 best friends (according to her) – Daddy and her Teddies. Unfortunately I am nowhere in her list of best friends because I am her staff.

So when she is in her tantrum best (which is every 10 minutes), I completely run out of ideas on how to deal with it. It is very tiring and I really struggle not to lose my mind and snap. So I decided to play on her emotions and use her ‘best friends’ in my favour.

Don’t laugh (or cry on my poetic ability) ! it is not for you adults, remember? Mini me loves it and starts her giggles…

I love my daddy and I love my teddy

My teddy and daddy are both so funny

This is teddy and not my daddy

Teddy not in office like my daddy

Daddy loves teddy and I love teddy

… Hopefully followed by hihihhihihhihiihii

Well, the version changes randomly every time though, depending on the intensity of the situation J


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