My first GIVEAWAY on Facebook

Now this is very exciting !!! We have a MINOR EDITION Facebook page and very recently announced a giveaway of my hand knitted toddler hat once I hit 150 followers. I am so excited to say that Minor Edition have indeed have 150 followers and as I write this, have actually touched the 190 mark. Last week and the weekend was very busy with guests at home and a lot of travelling around, so I got around doing this much later than expected.

I managed to transfer the names on a spreadsheet and print them out last week as soon as I had the 150 followers.Of the 153 names that I printed, two names were repeated and one was my husband’s name that I thought was appropriate  to exclude.

After a lovely break on the weekend, it was finally time to pick the recipient’s name. Took a few pictures half way through.

Added a label on a paper bag, folded the names.

And finally my trusted assistant picked up one name from the lot… and

The winner of my hand knitted toddler hat I-I-I-I—SSS  

JUSTINE BENNETT. Congratulations Justine !!! This hat is yours now.

Hope you will like the hat Justine (and would be of use to you)  and also please leave a feedback if you can. Oh and please email me your postal address Justine.

Thanks to all for your patience and cooperation. There will be plenty more giveaways from now on. The first one was very exciting.

Thanks for passing by


3 thoughts on “My first GIVEAWAY on Facebook

  1. Hi there,

    How exciting! My address is 6 Glenroyd Gardens, Southbourne, Bournemouth, BH6 3JN

    Love the way you have gone about this… love seeing my name on your website!

    Looking forward to receiving my hat!


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