Apple Chutney anyone?

There is an apple tree in my garden. The apples will not pass the supermarket quality control in either taste or look. Not that it really matters. So there I was picking up apples from the ground fallen due to recent rains.

I wanted to make an apple cake but my MIL who is visiting us does not eat eggs. So I decided to do apple chutney – the Indian way.


Green (very sour) Apples (1.5 kilo)

Sugar (to taste; I used about 5 -6 table-spoon)

Pitted Dates (about 8-10; Optional. Maybe a tad more sugar instead)

Oil (a bit)

Mustard seeds (half a tea-spoon)

One dried red chilli (optional, I used it because I have loads)

Cinnamon (1 stick)

Turmeric powder (just for colour; optional)

Salt (less than a pinch)

Cardamom powder (for aroma; optional)


Heat the oil first in a pan and add the mustard seeds. Once the seeds starts cracking (yes they do start flying about noisily), add the dried chilli, cinnamon stick. Then add the apples, mix well. Let the apples cook for a while and then add the dates, pinch of salt, turmeric (if you wish) and cardamom powder. Finally add about 2-3 spoons of sugar, cover it and let it cook. If you think that it is very dry and is sticking to the pan, add some water to it. After about 10 mins of cooking, check if the chutney is all cooked, taste for sweetness. Add more sugar to your taste if you like and let it cook for a few more minutes.

Voila. Hope you will try it.

PS. You can add ginger, raisins, sunflower seeds for more flavour, texture and crunch. I didn’t have them at home

Thanks for passing by.


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