toddler craft

In my never-ending efforts to keep toddler busy with arts and crafts, I decided to visit Hobbycraft last week. It is one of my favourite shops as it is a one stop for all my requirements. Not very good for my pocket though.

The thing is, I spent 15 mins driving each way, 5 mins looking for the right parking spot, 45 mins in the shop (of course buying a lot of stuff other than for my munchkin) and stopovers for water, bread sticks and ….

So .. there we have – aΒ  little cat and fish glass (read plastic) paint sun catcher – AND it literally took her 10 mins to complete it.. sigh

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

so I continue with my efforts to keep her busy – when she is at home. Any time-consuming (yet exciting) project for a 3-year-old ?

thanks for passing by


4 thoughts on “toddler craft

  1. We do quite a lot of painting and painting tubes and boxes and so on, it’s quite messy but it keeps him busy for ages.

    We also build dens and play in large boxes, his favourite πŸ™‚

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