The handmade birthday party

It has been more than a month that I have been away from my blog. Almost two months in fact. I can best describe those 5- 6 weeks as a nightmare. We moved houses, which obviously involved packing and unpacking innumerable boxes, bags, suitcases, bin bags full of toys and the list goes on.  I was simultaneously trying to finish my new website and setting up the new business. We had issues with our internet connections for days. On top of all this, the following week we were scheduled to fly to Rome for 5 days. Thanks to the British Airways fiasco, that trip was postponed for a couple of weeks.  Needless to say, life with a 3-year-old toddler is not necessarily stress free. She had her own little trauma of leaving her old friends in her nursery and going to a new one. I somehow assumed A will settle like a fish in water but she didn’t.  So it was best to take a break from blogging. I missed doing anything crafty and creative for a long time. My craft boxes are still not unpacked.

Amidst all this, it was my little darlings birthday in June. Despite all the busy-ness we couldn’t have missed her special day. After all, we as parents, we too raise the toast to celebrate our 3 years of parenthood.

Usually, I think a very organised parent starts planning the child’s birthday much in advance, deciding on a venue, a theme, the food, the cake, goody bags and the  invitations. All this becomes quite time-consuming and expensive.

Being the disorganised mum this year due to various reasons, I had a week to plan it all. A weekend picnic BBQ was the perfect idea where a few little ones and their parents would join us in the fun. Her actual birthday was in the middle of the week just 3 days away. I decided to make do with whatever I had at home. I am glad I did it, as it turned out to be pretty nice in the end and most of all, didn’t spend anything at all.

There were a few crepe paper sheets in red, green, pink and purple; some old wrapping papers; masking tape (normally used when you paint walls). With these, I guided A to make a few paper chains, buntings, and wall trimmings. We decorated our dining and breakfast area and hung balloons at random places. On her actual birthday, I baked a chocolate cake with (sort of) pink icing.

We were looking forward to the picnic, but bad (cold chill) weather forced us to changed our plans the night before. I had to call each of our guest the night before, to come home instead. I am glad we did. It was a fun-filled BBQ in our back garden. The birthday girl was very happy and enjoyed with her best pals. That is what we wanted.

Here are a few pictures of the homemade birthday celebrations – hope you get some ideas as well.


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