Post Mortem

The last two months have been hectic – house move, birthday parties and holiday .. besides Minor Edition. It was all fun though trying to prioritise a lot of things. Unfortunately, I had to give up blogging for  while to accommodate the rest and manage my time and energy. You have to remember I have a 3 year old who is currently a princess,  extremely particular about what she wears (only dresses allowed, no trousers in any shape or form) preferably pink or can do mauve occasionally. She needs to have princess hair, ie long hair but washing and combing the hair is not part of the regime …

The house move was good, we have settled down more or less. There are still quite a few boxes to unpack and my home office is still a distant dream. That room resembles a storage area. I still use the breakfast bar and the sofa to work.

We celebrated A’s 3rd birthday for an entire week.. That was fun. It started with a party at the  nursery. I baked her favourite chocolate cake on her actual birthday and we had one of her close friends (and her parents) to come over to play and have dinner with us.. It was a small but a very happy homemade  party..

We had originally organised a picnic to mark the weekend birthday celebration as we did last year, but cancelled it the night before. Instead we invited everyone to come home for a barbeque. The wind chill and possibility of rains that day prompted us to take this decision. I am glad we did it at home, it was a nice and cosy BBQ. Most importantly, A loved playing with her best friends.

We soon flew off to Rome for a break – it was awesome. We surrounded ourselves with history all around  us and it was just amazing. The gelato was the highlight of my trip though and the expenses that we incurred was not.. grrrr..

Now back to the level headed grind, I hope to be able to get back to normal life..

thanks for passing by ..


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