How to organise and de-clutter during a house move

I am moving house tomorrow and I have realised that this is one of most boring exercise one can undertake. No matter how excruciating a house move may be, it does have some positive effects on someone’s life though. Apart from the whole idea of going to a new place and meeting new people, it helps to de-clutter and de-junk your life. You realise that the loft was full of things you didn’t remember existed and so there is no point filling them in boxes again to the new place. So here are some pointers that I have learned in the course of the last few days.

Furniture Recycle: Please don’t throw it away to fill the landfill. Do your little bit for the world.

  • Assess the space available in the new house and take that furniture that will fit in the rooms and match the decor of that house. Any piece that has seen better days are not worth taking. If you think they can be sold, you can use Ebay, Gumtree or local newsagents where you can place a small ad. You have to be realistic about the price you want to quote.
  • If there is a lot of life left in the furniture, you can recycle it through the freecycle network ( to give it away. I just gave away my daughters cot to a young couple who are expecting a baby next month. They gratefully received it as it saved them some money. The cot was in perfect condition but my daughter has outgrown it. I was happy to be of someone’s help. On the other hand I collected cardboard boxes from someone in the freecycle network. This helped me with my packing. Charity shops are another fabulous option. You can donate your furniture there and the money they earn from the sale of that goes in for a good cause.
  • Good antique pieces may be of premium value and can be auctioned or sold to an antique dealer. Worth checking with your local dealers for a feedback on your furniture or collectables.

Clothing and Shoes: This is a very emotional topic for women like me. We love to hang on to our favourite pieces in the name of fashion, comfort and the excuse that it suits me.

  • Recycle any clothing that do not fit, out of fashion, dull and faded, you have not worn in the last one year. You really don’t need 10 pairs of black trousers and 3 black jackets.
  • Anything in decent condition can be given away to charity shops
  • Designer items will fetch a good price in Ebay
  • Dull and faded clothing can be recycled to fabric banks.
  • Mix and match a few items of clothing and you will find that you can create new looks with a few good pieces.
  • Upcycle if you are a crafty person. You can upcycle a jeans and convert it into a fashionable bag. A jumper can be converted into a cushion and so on. This would be in another blog post in future probably with ideas and pictures.
  • If you have a friend who is good at upcycling, it is worth offering her any fancy colourful materials that you don’t need.
  • Same goes with accessories. Throw away all the damaged accessories, single earring and so on. If it is a precious metal like gold or silver, you might think of selling them off as precious metal.

Children’s clothes and toys: Children outgrow so quickly. I sometimes wonder, why do we even buy so many toys for them?

  • Give them away to another child.
  • Sell them if you really want to.
  • Go easy on plastic. This is my personal opinion, plastic toys are easy to use and very colourful, but wooden toys – they are in a genre of their own. They last much longer too.

Paperwork: We tend to store old magazines, files, lecture notes from our MBA classes that are five year old, ancient bank statements and I can go on and on.

  • Reduce paperwork by not using the printer so much. If the laptop screen is too small to read a document, invest in a large monitor and have a comfortable study table. Then reading the article would not strain your eyes.
  • Use the shredder for confidential paperwork and recycle the paper.
  • Print both sides when you have to print, not one side as we tend to do. You will save 50% of paper and space. Needless to say trees are saved too.
  • Make use of the local library. If you buy the latest releases, start a bookclub with a couple of likeminded friends. You can share the books that you have bought and exchange with theirs. This way you will save money and space at home. Moving and packing would be easy as well.
  • Give away books to local library, through freecycle or gumtree. Good books can be sold in second hand shops.
  • Even better – read E-books
  • If you really want to keep all the material from your MBA course or from medical school, it might be worth getting them scanned into an electronic file. You can download most of the notes electronically these days isn’t it?
  • File all important current documents in the right order. It is always better to keep all your bills, income tax, mortgage, bank papers in order. It us always worth having a filing cabinet in somewhere in the house.
  • Recycle all the old magazines away. If you want a particular recipe, picture or article, make a scrapbook or a file where you can just have that interesting bit and recycle the rest.

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