I am stilll around..

I have not been updating my blogs for the last few weeks. I called it ‘fatigue’ earlier, but now would re phrase it as blog hibernation. Yes I am still waiting for summer literally.

My days have been quite busy trying to schedule, re-schedule and re-re-schedule things. My website is coming along at a snail’s pace. It needs a lot of patience to do your own website especially the writing bits. You write, re write and then brush everything off. Thankfully an old friend living in another continent came to the rescue to edit a bit of it. If you are reading this JBR – ME says thank you. A lot more to do btw – might just scream again very soon.

We are moving house tomorrow, moving out of greater London to more open fields. We are still close to London though. As long I am willing to do the motorway. My arty crafty bits were the first lot to be boxed off. I am therefore on a craft curfew for a while now.

I have drafted my next lot of designs last night and they feel good. My current lot is sitting in the custom office for days now for reasons known only to my vendor. She is expected to show some document to them – something she is herself waiting for, from someone else!!! Aaarh

The last two days have been quite interesting in British politics. I have not managed to follow everything but I do know that an awkward partnership has been forged. Just hope this marriage lasts long enough.

Hope to be back soon-ish


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