Why cotton is a good fabric for children

Cotton has always been the first choice of fabric for children. Cotton is cool, comfortable and its softness is ideal for children. It is a natural fabric and children with sensitive skin can generally wear cotton clothing. Durability is also a major factor that makes it a popular choice. Cotton is cool in summer and warm in winter because it has absorbing property, thus allowing it to breathe. The only downside is that cotton wrinkles easily, when you find life is too short to iron everything. Thankfully, they are at least machine washable and high temperature resistant.

Cotton is the backbone of many products, the most popular being the denim for blue jeans. Chambray is another material made of cotton that was used to manufacture the blue work shirts. Apparently the term ‘blue collar’ originates from this. Terry cloth which is used to make the super absorbent bath towels and robes and materials like corduroy and velvet are made of cotton. Most bed sheets, socks and underwear manufactured in the world are made of cotton and so are a lot of the crochet and knitting yarns. Not everything is 100% cotton; some are mixed with synthetic fibres. Polyester is one example of this. Some of the stretch fabrics such as those used for stretch jeans have elastine mixed with cotton.

The National Cotton Council of USA states that China, India and the United States are the top 3 producers of cotton crop in the world.

  • People’s Republic of China                             32.0 million bales
  • India                                                                      23.5 million bales
  • United States                                                      12.4 million bales
  • Pakistan                                                               9.8 million bales
  • Brazil                                                                    5.5 million bales
  • Uzbekistan                                                         4.4 million bales
  • Australia                                                             1.8 million bales
  • Turkey                                                                1.7 million bales
  • Turkmenistan                                                  1.1 million bales
  • Syria                                                                    1.0 million bales

Source: Internet

A quick online search about the origins of cotton revealed that the earliest record of growing cotton was by the Harappan civilization in India way back in 2500 BC. Wow! They used it for clothing and also as towels.

Another interesting snippet about cotton – the word cotton originated from the Arabic word ‘qutun’. Cotton is my personal favourite, mainly for its comfort. I grew up in a humid tropical clime where cotton clothing is a saviour. Its versatility gives it an edge over other types of fabric. You can have cotton for both  night wear as well as the crisp white cotton shirt for work.

…..Needless to say, it is also definitely the best material for children compared to any other dress material.


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