Easter … and all

Any trip to the supermarket now, is dominated by sugary easter bunnies and eggs everywhere.  Nice ! I am not complaining but my main duty seems to be  to keep my daughter away from them. In fact I have managed my trips to the supermarket without her in the last few weeks.

My daughter has been doing her easter art this week. She is looking forward to her easter egg hunt party tomorrow and I am sure she’ll love it all. And I really don’t mind her having the sweet eggs in the party.. I’ve also bought some for her as a surprise treat for the weekend. It is just the excesses which bothers me .. she would have thrown a tantrum in the shopping aisle probably (she’ll generally quite good actually) and have the sweets much ahead of easter, if allowed. Would she try to understand why all the eggs and bunnies have appeared suddenly around this time of the year? I myself didn’t know much about it…

The Easter Egg is a symbolic way of celebrating springtime and fertility. Very obvious there, we all start life in the form of an egg. Members of certain Christian groups believe that the eggs symbolises the resurrection of the Christ.

Please correct me if I am wrong, I am  not an expert in any way. My main source is Wikipedia, that …  I am aware, can be edited open source.

Easter Bunny Postcard by Stecher 1915

The easter bunny or the easter hare who again represents fertility, brings the easter eggs. European folklore suggests that the easter bunny, very much like Santa Claus, hides basket full of colourful eggs, candies and sometimes toys for children on the eve of easter. The children hunt for the treats the next morning and have fun. The Europeans apparently exported this tradition to America in the late 17th Century.

I was born on a Good Friday .. (some of your geeks may have worked out the year by now). Dates keep changing for Easter, unlike Christmas.A quick search for  ‘Easter’ in Wikipedia revealed that

Easter is a moveable feast, meaning it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar. The First Council of Nicaea (325) established the date of Easter as the first Sunday after the full moon (the Paschal Full Moon) following the vernal equinox.[3] Ecclesiastically, the equinox is reckoned to be on March 21 (regardless of the astronomically correct date), and the “Full Moon” is not necessarily the astronomically correct date. The date of Easter therefore varies between March 22 and April 25. Eastern Christianity bases its calculations on the Julian Calendar whose March 21 corresponds, during the twenty-first century, to April 3 in the Gregorian Calendar, in which calendar their celebration of Easter therefore varies between April 4 and May 8′.

Hope you have something nice planned over the Easter weekend. If not….  like me, have a happy one anyway.


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