Handmade business card holder

I didn’t have a business card holder for the cards people gave me. So I needed to have one right NOW. The plan was to  do something with whatever was there at home. AND no sewing machine.. Don’t ask me why. Well, it is generally kept inside the cupboard – yes that’s true. I take it out when I need it. Joys of having a curious toddler around, I guess.   I snooped around for ideas and finally got the inspiration from this tutorial. I did not necessarily follow this by the word. As I said no sewing machine was used.

Rummaged through my stack of mismatched bits of fabrics, junk as many of you would call it, I decided on a pale material more so because of the quality of the fabric than the colour. The size and the texture was perfect. As you would be able to see  in the below left corner picture, I kept a business card on top of the fabric and it would just fit perfectly.

I chose the brownish striped material as the lining material as it is also a very thick curtain leftover fabric. This saved me from adding a buckram fabric in the inside to add stiffness to the card holder.

Both the fabrics were then placed on top of each other to cut a V-shape on one corner as shown below. I stitched three sides and turned them over as shown in the below right photo. With the two pieces of fabrics joined together, it was the turn to fold it sideways. This was the exact size of the card holder.The two sides was stitched together.

As you would appreciate, this is literally handmade. I used a red ribbon on the top and white ribbon on two sides, basically to hide the hand sewing. I added an extra interest in the form of a bow with a button.

Happy with my hours worth of efforts, I added my business cards in there. Hope you like it.

There is another simple solution as shown here. There are a few handmade ones in the blogosphere like this felt business card holder for a man and another felt version for a young lady.

Thanks for passing by


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