my new canvas for a sweetheart

I have not been very active with arts and crafts lately. Setting up the new company has not been easy. I have been busy with bank accounts, designing, dealing with supplier, dealing with website designers, negotiating and more negotiating. I do find that a crafty break is very healing and brings back all the positive energy in me. On a very positive note, I have a company registered and my first order sorted. I want to nearly forget about my bank balance as there is not much in there, which is a scary thought. I need to work out my marketing strategies.  I really need help with online marketing. I have loads of things going on in my mind – do I hire a space in a trade fair? I want to approach children’s boutiques to have a look at my designs …

I met up with a few lovely ladies on Monday who surrounded me with positive energy and look forward to the bright side of things. It was a lovely meetup. I loved the idea of a visionboard where you collate all your dreams – however unrealistic they may be ..

Coming back to my latest painting, this one below is for a sweet toddler. We loved having her last sunday at our place along with her parents.

I hope the photos are clear enough. It is that of an oriental girl in a red strawberry fabric dress and a green fabric umbrella and curly black hair… the dress and the umbrella is made of fabric which was glued. The rest is all acrylic paint.  There are highlights of glitter fabric paint if you look closely.

Thanks for passing by…


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