handmade Valentines day card by a terrific two ..made with love

Totally inspired by Clare’s handmade card, I got my little dot make a Valentines card for her darling daddy. My daughter is 2 and a half years old, so I had to severely modify the design of the card so that she could enjoy doing it. Needless to say that I was constantly by her side, trying to help her with the scissor work and guide her through it. I enjoyed taking her pictures and she did enjoy creating the multi coloured card.  We had a lovely afternoon together.

Since it was a sudden and spontaneous decision to make the card, I had to compromise by using all the stuff I had at home. There was no glitter or sequins (I have to buy some and keep for future, I think) at home. However there was a pack of multi coloured tissue paper cut into small squares. My daughter however have used or shall I say messed up all of the stock paper already. I could recover a few intact square pieces of different colours after rummaging through the pile. Thankfully there were a few red ones too. The red squares were cut into heart shape.

The other squares were glued on the white card as the base colour. Then I guided her through sticking the heart shapes. They were not as neat as Clare’s but my toddler did her best. Here are some photos ..

and finally … mummy wrote the words for her with her crayons …


hope daddy doesn’t see this blog before Valentine’s day because we have hidden the card till then… love you daddy – not just on 14th but every day of the year..

thanks for passing by.


2 thoughts on “handmade Valentines day card by a terrific two ..made with love

  1. Ipshita – this is ‘the other Clare’ – I LOVE what you and your little girl have done – in fact it’s inspired me to think about doing something on our site on making cards for mother’s day or father’s day – specially for little ones.
    Great stuff! I’m sure your husband will be absolutely enchanted with his card.
    Clare F

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