dress up my diary

Ok ! Now you will say, why did I waste my time doing this? I have to therefore tell you the real reason. I got this reasonably decent 2010 diary last December from one of those posh departmental stores in India. They were giving it away provided a customer bought things above a certain amount. I am not an overtly diary person, I hardly ever write any of my daily thoughts and musings in a diary.  I keep my ‘things to do’ in my electronic calender. But still.. why not have a diary?!

As I mentioned, this diary originates back in India where I was holidaying. On the way back, this was packed in my bright red suitcase. Little did I realise there was a small tube of liquid soap next to it, when we boarded the 2.5 hours flight to Mumbai. We stayed over at a friends place in Mumbai that day and the ongoing flight home was scheduled the following day.

Next day, just as we went to check-in our bags at the airport, this red suitcase was deemed overweight. We had to rearrange the contents to other bags. The labour laws recommends that people should not lift a piece of luggage/weight above a certain limit and hence all this. As I unlocked my red suitcase, I realised that the soap has leaked and ruined the maroon cover of the new diary. Thankfully all the clothing etc were in a plastic cover  and so nothing else was affected. I took the soap out, but kept the diary back for the rest of the journey.

Back at home, I did not think of the diary very much, in the last few weeks. I did scribble something, but the damaged cover of the diary kept me away from it. They do say not to judge the book by its cover, but c’mmon – why not have a decent cover? So I decided to do some crafting. Believe me, it just took me 10 minutes.

I got my scissors, a few fabrics, red ribbon and glue. Here are some of the pictures as I went along. I am so sorry, I just forgot to snap the original damaged cover for a ‘ before and after’ effect..

1. Wrapped an organic hessian fabric which I had,  as shown below

2. Then glued the ends on the other side of the cover,  as shown below.

3. Cut four strips of fabric, about an inch wide. Green ones in this case..

5. Two of the green strips were folded with glue as shown below. They were left to dry for a few minutes.

6. The other two green strips were glued on the two sides of the cover, next to the hessian.The folded green strip was then glued onto the hessian (right) side of the already glued geen strip. This was done just to cover the rough edge of the green strip. See below. The other picture shows how it looked on the inner side of the cover. The long strips here were then snapped off.

7. Another fabric, this time a pink polka dot was taken to cover the edge of the binding. I used some red ribbons for decoration and to cover the rough edges simultaneously. Finally, the inner side was covered by the first page of the diary, to make it look neat. Then left it for a while for the glue to dry off… voila! Happy diarying.

Here it is ..

It is a shame that this diary was slightly damaged, or else it would have been a nice gift for a regular writer.. At least I have found a new way to make a diary attractive. Gifts for next year possibly.

Thanks for passing by.


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