more lovely things

I have taken more pictures of little things scattered in my flat. They are from Zambia/South Africa. There is a very unique pottery factory and showroom called Moore Pottery, I couldn’t find a website for them. Instead there was a company by the same name, based in Bristol, UK. The Lusaka one has very traditional African designs and would really catch your eye. If I am not mistaken, all the three bluish ones are bought from there. Two of them were gifts from old friends.

The round candle is made of the Monkey Apple Tree or Makwakwa – a fruit from the trees of Strychnos family. The fruits are sun dried, sandpapered and then polished. This fruit is widely used in traditional medicine. The Zulus use the pulp fruit as an emetic. The seeds are ground to a paste and used to treat jigger (or sand) flea.

The painted candles are very colourful. I bought them from Cape Town, SA.



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