cute as a button – with love from lilactree

It is November already and the first thing I want to make my daughter is a beany. She loves purple and therefore my choice of wool has to be purple. The other criteria is that it should last at least two winters if she manages not to lose it in the meantime.

So I head off armed with my straight needles and purple wool. Needless to say I don’t have round needles and since I am an occasional knitter, I did not have the urge to dash into the shop to buy myself one yet. The design was not borrowed from anywhere, it was basically random dare I say. I wanted to have a reasonable fold near the ears to stop the decided to knit longer than usual. My random knit and purl continued till I reached the end.


I stitched the extra length after folding it and then stitched the side all along in the normal way..


put it on A to try it

A with purple hat

I was in a hurry to finish it in the next 5 minutes and therefore the only way to ‘decorate’ it was with buttons.. I have a bunch of colourful plain buttons which I bought from Ebay. I added two buttons on large black button along with a couple of green, orange, blue and yellow ones. Here it is ..

final hat

thanks for passing by..


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