red rocking horse

My first ever memory of any toy is a red rocking horse. I don’t remember when it was bought, maybe at the age of 2 or 3 back in the 70s. Gosh, I feel really old now! It was a favourite, I spent many happy momments swinging myself in eternal happiness. I remember the pain to part with it, when my parents moved a few thousand miles from that childhood abode. There was no space for a rocking horse in the movers truck (or should I say it was one of the victims of the weight reduction operation, after all the more weight the more pay). My pain was not important to anyone, after all a child forgets very easily ! Well, I would need a few more decades before I forget…

No picture of my rocking horse (surprise surprise!) Here is a Scandinavian toy version of the horse, mine was 100 times bigger…Rocking_horse


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