My first post

I think I am one of the last person in this world to start a blog. Everyone else has one. I love reading other blogs and often wondered about started one myself. This is my first post and so I think I should introduce myself. These days, the first thing people say about me is that, I am a mum. Yes true, I feel my mum-siness has taken over everything else. A lot of my time goes trying to negotiate with a 2 year old toddler, who has a strong mind of her own. She is into creativity these days (and so are all her friends at day care).

first 'art' at 8 months

first 'art' at 8 months

This is one of the first ‘art’ which came home from the nursery. She was around 8 months old then.Wonder if she actually did anything but it was a pleasure to see it. I was also a very creative child. It is a shame, no photos of my creativity were taken. I remember knitting a doll’s cardigan with maroon and white stripes and was very proud of it. I also remember knitting a sleeveless sweater for my newborn cousin when I was 9 years old, with the help of my mum.

I have recently knitted a few hats. That was fun. It will fit a newborn.

Unique Green Woollen Hand Kintted Hat for Newborn, with sation ribbon


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